History of Illinois Wesleyan University

The private liberal arts college Illinois Wesleyan University was founded in 1850 by a group of thirty civic and religious leaders in Bloomington, Illinois. They wanted to establish “an institution of learning of collegiate grade” in the beautiful town of Bloomington, which they figured was an excellent environment for higher learning amongst the fields and open spaces of Illinois. The founders imagined an oasis of higher education in the middle of the country where students could find the best educational environment in the area. The founders sought support and sponsors, and the local United Methodist Church stepped up to help, which is why “Wesleyan” is attached to the name. IWU maintains its Methodist affiliation to this day, but its governance is independent, and the student body remains inclusive and diverse.

Soon after IWU was founded, the explorer and geologist John Wesley Powell joined the faculty. Powell wanted to teach students in the field, and before he went on to found the National Geographic Society, he taught students in the wild, and led an unprecedented trip for college students to the Colorado mountains for fieldwork. Throughout its history, IWU has maintained a reputation for excellent liberal arts and sciences education, with those subjects forming the foundation of the IWU curriculum throughout its history. Today, IWU still offers an excellent liberal arts education and is ranked among the top 40 institutions in the country for study abroad programs.

Eric Gilbert moved from Deerfield, IL to Bloomington to attend IWU. He writes a sports column for the campus newspaper The Argus, is the paper’s Sports Editor and competes on the soccer team. In addition to writing for the paper and playing soccer, Gilbert is focused on his studies. He earned a place on the Dean’s List and hopes to pursue a minor in English to use his writing skills.


Illinois Wesleyan University: Place of Opportunity

Illinois Wesleyan University is a private, independent, liberal arts college in Bloomington, Illinois. Illinois Wesleyan offers students a wide range of unique opportunities designed to immerse them in the best liberal arts education possible. In addition to offering students an excellent education in liberal arts, fine arts, and nursing, Illinois Wesleyan is ranked in the top 40 institutions for study abroad opportunities, with study abroad options in seventy countries throughout the world. IWU also offers a UN semester, a semester in Washington, DC, and at the Chicago Center. IWU has strong relationships with Pembroke College in Oxford and offers classes in Barcelona and the United Kingdom.

IWU offers a unique classroom experience called May Term. Any student who has completed a full course load in either Spring or Fall Semester can enroll in a condensed, three-week course during the month of May. Students spend several hours a day in class every weekday and complete an entire semester of class credits in three weeks. May Terms immerse students into their chosen class in a short amount of time; curriculum for these courses are very flexible, with service projects, study abroad opportunities, and internships available to all May Term participants.

The IWU Ames Library is one of the best and most comprehensive in the area, containing over 368,000 volumes throughout its five floors. Some of the special collections in the Ames Library include the papers of former US Congressman Leslie C. Arends, a collection of Gernon first editions of detective fiction and mysteries, and the Schultz collection of Romantic-era British Dramas.

Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, IL currently attends Illinois Wesleyan University, is Sports Editor and writes for the student paper, The Argus as a sports reporter. Gilbert plays for the IWU soccer team and landed on the Dean’s List his first year.

Soccer Tip: Control the Ball

In soccer, controlling the ball in the air or at your feet is the first skill you have to learn. This skill sounds simple, but even the most experienced soccer players from around the world struggle with their ball control from time to time. Ball control is all about the first touch you have on the ball. You want to be able to receive the ball and make it go where you want it to. This is one of the basic skills in soccer and will help your team possess the ball and distribute it effectively. Effective soccer players have to be able to control the ball coming to them in the air and on the ground.

Trapping the ball is one of the first things you have to learn to be a good soccer player. Trapping is controlling the ball in the air. Soccer players have to bring the ball into their control with their feet, head, or chest when it comes to them in the air. When receiving the ball with your chest, the key is to pop the ball into the air with your chest. By popping the ball up, you are meeting the ball with counterforce instead of letting it hit you and bouncing off in an unpredictable way. Whether receiving the ball in the air or on the ground with your feet, the key is a soft touch. Hitting the ball just right when trapping takes practice to get the precise feel of the ball touching your feet. Generally, you want to receive the ball softly in order to place it directly in front of you but not tripping you under your feet.

Eric Gilbert is a collegiate soccer player from Deerfield, IL. Gilbert plays for Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington. Gilbert has been playing soccer since age five and is always looking for ways to improve his game.

Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, Illinois, the Student

Eric Gilbert, Deerfield IL is known at Illinois Wesleyan University for his achievements. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business with a Marketing major and English minor. He’s dedicated and active inside and outside the classroom. Gilbert takes on many responsibilities and new avenues to express his dedication, hard work, and creativity. For example, he is the Sports Editor and a writer for the school newspaper The Argus. Through this medium he is able to position himself as a leader amongst the students and as a fan of the sports that are played by the college; he is a big advocate for the school itself. Eric is also a talented soccer player who has started for two years on the school’s intercollegiate soccer team. He puts in long hours working on drills, conditioning and anything to help develop his game further. Eric is a natural leader on and off the field. He has been recognized both athletically and academically and will surely continue to garner these kinds of accolades in his career as a student and in his future career. Gilbert is the kind of student who is always looking forward to trying something new. You can be sure that as a professional, he will continue to take on these challenges.

Writing Sports, Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, Illinois

Of all the things that can be written about, people love sports stories. Whether it’s just getting the facts out and the news of which team won, or whether it is a look at a particular athlete, coach or perspective on sports in general. This is known to many as some of the best reading. Eric Gilbert, Deerfield IL is currently the Sports Editor for The Argus, a student newspaper that is distributed on the campus at Illinois Wesleyan University. He is also a big fan of all kinds of sports and is known to many as a competitive athlete who plays on behalf of the University in intercollegiate play. Soccer has been one of his lifelong passions; Gilbert has played the game since he was five years old. He also has a passion for writing and is always trying to improve on his craft through this medium. Eric has been writing since his days in high school and, as an English minor, has maintained that history of writing today. One of the benefits of being a student athlete is that Eric is able to portray an insider’s view of sports and deliver a fresh perspective to the reader. Just as he works hard on the field, he also works hard to give his readers an exciting column to read. While he specializes in soccer, Eric also played basketball and baseball and is a fan of all sports, such that his writing shows a depth of passion for the subject.

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Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, IL – Finding Motivation to Stay Fit

Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, IL is a talented individual, both in the classroom and on the athletic field. Much of his success in both has come from Eric’s intense motivation. While the desire to accomplish his career goals leads him to maintain excellent academic grades, finding motivation on the soccer field is different. As a player sincethe age of five, Eric has been focused on learning and excelling in the game.His awards and recognition are testament to that dedication.

However, Eric knows that not many individuals can maintain their motivation, especially when it comes to staying healthy through exercise. While it’s easy for many to start an exercise routine and display enthusiasm in the first few weeks, the challenge is maintaining. Eric offers a few tips to keep going even when it seems hard to do so.

Record your activity

Just like academic transcripts help students keep track of progress in class, keeping record of the fitness activity you engage in will help you be accountable for the time spent. A log of activities also helps you identify which activities you enjoy more than others, and where improvement is required.

Mix it up

It’s important to mix up your fitness routines to avoid boredom. If you are tired of riding the exercise bike for 30 minutes every day, you could try a cardio class twice a week for a change of pace. Alternatively, you could take a walk with a friend.

Do what excites you

Choosing routines that you enjoy and fit into your schedule will also keep you motivated.

For Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, IL keeping fit is ingrained into his daily life. He credits early participation in sports for that and sees himself keeping up regular practice habits throughout adulthood.

Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, Illinois – Inner Drive to Get Better

Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, Illinois is an avid sports fan and it shows. Currently, he is working towards earning his business degree at Illinois Wesleyan University, and one day aspires to work in the sports industry in marketing, writing and/or coaching.

Being passionate about sports is something Eric Gilbert’s family has seen since he was young. He grew up playing baseball, basketball, and soccer, excelling at each sport. As a child, he participated in numerous tournaments, winning some and learning from all. While he would have wanted to play all those sports during high school, Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, Illinois had to make a choice on which specific sport to focus on. “It was the hardest but the best decision of my life,” he says, recalling the decision to focus on soccer. “As the fierce competitor that I am, I set out to get myself on the best team possible.”

Since he made the decision to focus on soccer the summer after his sophomore year of high school, the only tryouts left were for an elite team in Milwaukee. Eric landed a spot on FC Milwaukee’s soccer Academy, through sheer determination and an array of skills and footwork. It is through FC Milwaukee where he best honed his playing and team leadership skills.

“I gained the respect of my teammates and coaches through my attitude and drive to get better,” he says. The realization that his ceiling was only as high as he envisioned propelled him to numerous accomplishments with the school team.