Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, Illinois, the Student

Eric Gilbert, Deerfield IL is known at Illinois Wesleyan University for his achievements. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business with a Marketing major and English minor. He’s dedicated and active inside and outside the classroom. Gilbert takes on many responsibilities and new avenues to express his dedication, hard work, and creativity. For example, he is the Sports Editor and a writer for the school newspaper The Argus. Through this medium he is able to position himself as a leader amongst the students and as a fan of the sports that are played by the college; he is a big advocate for the school itself. Eric is also a talented soccer player who has started for two years on the school’s intercollegiate soccer team. He puts in long hours working on drills, conditioning and anything to help develop his game further. Eric is a natural leader on and off the field. He has been recognized both athletically and academically and will surely continue to garner these kinds of accolades in his career as a student and in his future career. Gilbert is the kind of student who is always looking forward to trying something new. You can be sure that as a professional, he will continue to take on these challenges.


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