Writing Sports, Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, Illinois

Of all the things that can be written about, people love sports stories. Whether it’s just getting the facts out and the news of which team won, or whether it is a look at a particular athlete, coach or perspective on sports in general. This is known to many as some of the best reading. Eric Gilbert, Deerfield IL is currently the Sports Editor for The Argus, a student newspaper that is distributed on the campus at Illinois Wesleyan University. He is also a big fan of all kinds of sports and is known to many as a competitive athlete who plays on behalf of the University in intercollegiate play. Soccer has been one of his lifelong passions; Gilbert has played the game since he was five years old. He also has a passion for writing and is always trying to improve on his craft through this medium. Eric has been writing since his days in high school and, as an English minor, has maintained that history of writing today. One of the benefits of being a student athlete is that Eric is able to portray an insider’s view of sports and deliver a fresh perspective to the reader. Just as he works hard on the field, he also works hard to give his readers an exciting column to read. While he specializes in soccer, Eric also played basketball and baseball and is a fan of all sports, such that his writing shows a depth of passion for the subject.

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