Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, IL – Finding Motivation to Stay Fit

Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, IL is a talented individual, both in the classroom and on the athletic field. Much of his success in both has come from Eric’s intense motivation. While the desire to accomplish his career goals leads him to maintain excellent academic grades, finding motivation on the soccer field is different. As a player sincethe age of five, Eric has been focused on learning and excelling in the game.His awards and recognition are testament to that dedication.

However, Eric knows that not many individuals can maintain their motivation, especially when it comes to staying healthy through exercise. While it’s easy for many to start an exercise routine and display enthusiasm in the first few weeks, the challenge is maintaining. Eric offers a few tips to keep going even when it seems hard to do so.

Record your activity

Just like academic transcripts help students keep track of progress in class, keeping record of the fitness activity you engage in will help you be accountable for the time spent. A log of activities also helps you identify which activities you enjoy more than others, and where improvement is required.

Mix it up

It’s important to mix up your fitness routines to avoid boredom. If you are tired of riding the exercise bike for 30 minutes every day, you could try a cardio class twice a week for a change of pace. Alternatively, you could take a walk with a friend.

Do what excites you

Choosing routines that you enjoy and fit into your schedule will also keep you motivated.

For Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, IL keeping fit is ingrained into his daily life. He credits early participation in sports for that and sees himself keeping up regular practice habits throughout adulthood.


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