Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, Illinois – Sports Writer Extraordinaire

For Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, Illinois, sports are a very important part of life. He is an avid sports fan and talented soccer player. On the soccer field, he accomplished a myriad of individual and collective goals with his high school, academy, and university teams. During childhood, he also played baseball and basketball, winning various baseball tournaments in the process. Eric always overcame obstacles with hard work and tenacity.

Away from the field, Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, Illinois is also a talented writer. He first developed   his writing skills during high school, and promptly worked his way to Sports Editor on the school newspaper, Deerprints. Being a high school soccer team Captain gave him unique insight into the team, and he was able to relay the practice and game-day experiences through a captivating writing style. He continued writing in college, as an English minor and as the Sports Editor and writer for Illinois Wesleyan University’s student newspaper, The Argus.

Writing for The Argus has given Eric Gilbert a dual perspective on sports, from both the player and spectator points of view. His reporting reflects multiple perspectives for readers.


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