Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, IL: Lay It In for Leukemia

Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, IL is a passionate individual, dedicated to self-advancement and the betterment of our global community. He is currently a student enrolled at Illinois Wesleyan University and is on track to graduate in the spring of 2016. He is also a member of the soccer team at the university and has been a starter for the past two seasons. Eric Gilbert is a leader both on and off the soccer field. In the classroom, he is an excellent student with a dedication to excel. He is also is devoted to bettering the community around him. He is an effective verbal and written communicator who problem solves by listening and taking in valuable information from a variety of sources. He understands what it means to analyze the big picture from diverse viewpoints.

Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, IL is an active philanthropist within his community. He worked with special needs youth through the North Shore Special Recreation Association, where he engaged and encouraged group participation, created coping strategies, promoted appropriate activities and implemented structure and consistency. Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, IL also founded a two-on-two basketball tournament to benefit Leukemia research. The inaugural tournament at Illinois Wesleyan University donated all proceeds to the Leukemia Research Foundation.



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