Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, IL: The Argus Student Newspaper

Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, IL is a dedicated and motivated individual. He is currently studying Business Illinois Wesleyan University, with a Marketing major and English minor. He is also a passionate writer, which led to becoming Sports Editor of the student newspaper, The Argus. Eric Gilbert is also an athlete. He has played sports throughout his life and loves the competitiveness of baseball, basketball, and especially soccer. He is a leader by example. He was a four-year starter and Captain of his high school soccer team. It was this foundation that let to his collegiate soccer career. Eric Gilbert is also an advocate for peace, equality, and change. He is not only a leader on the soccer field, but in his community as well. In the spring of 2014, he founded “Lay It In for Leukemia”, the inaugural two-on-two basketball tournament at Illinois Wesleyan University, whose proceeds were dedicated to the advancement of Leukemia research.

For Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, IL, sports are very important. He strives to excel and thrives on the soccer field. He was awarded as “Newcomer of the Year” in 2013 for his leadership within the Illinois Wesleyan University soccer program. However, Eric Gilbert of Deerfield, IL found another way to pursue his passion for sports. He is currently the Sports Editor for Illinois Wesleyan University’s student newspaper, The Argus. He was the first to implement a “Fantasy Sports” column and writes on a variety of sports.


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